Whoops... CCTV draws scorn after anchor caught yawning on air

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sleeping anchors.jpg This is a nice break from the back-and-forth on Tibet.

CCTV 1 anchor Wen Jing was caught by a sharp netizen yawning on air, obviously not aware the camera was focused on her. The netizen also posted a second photo, which appeared to show the anchor shortly after she realized the camera was on.

The photos have drawn a number of comments online, with many people blaming the director. This is the second CCTV mix-up recently, as the state-run network accidentally broadcast an anchor having her make-up applied.

CCTV spokesperson Mrs. Liang lept to her producers - and Wen Jing's - defense, saying, "This is an obvious mistake. But we want the audience to understand these anchors are tired, and have to arrive at the station at 3am. Maybe she was too tired."

She said fines for these kinds of mistakes range from 50 to 200 RMB.

The original story was published in Xiandai Kuai Bao, a newspaper owned by Xinhua that is published in Jiangsu Province. It can be found here.

sleeping anchors2.jpg
Well, at least she wasn't blushing....



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Let he or she who has never dozed in a meeting throw the first stone....

Cam said:

CLB... totally agree. Really, this kind of thing could happen to anyone. It reminds me of, I can't recall the exact anchor with CNN, who went to the washroom during a live speech. She chatted with a colleague in the washroom and the conversation was broadcast live (somebody forgot to turn off her mic). To make matters worse, she was complaining about her husband or something like that. I can't remember the exact details. Live TV can be a scary thing.

austrianbc said:

whats so special about this? it happens all the time, they're only human. What is kind of interesting is that this seems such a big deal in China and the director has to apologize and all. I hope the state media loosens some what over the coming years. Go with time and stupid fashion-show-like news and weather forecast...

Del3 said:

If you love your country then you must stay awake until the games conclude in August. Anyone caught napping is a splittist and a traitor to the glorious games. If you fall asleep then the imperialists win and the motherland will crumble.

mainlander said:

no politics here, just for fun.

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