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Final Post: ZNH says goodbye to the old digs; make sure to update your RSS

TIANJIN – It’s been a lot of work spanning a couple of continents, but Zhongnanhai will finally re-launch tomorrow afternoon with a completely different look and functionality. A couple of items, before we go (temporarily): Unfortunately,... read more »


UPDATED: New MSN campaign draws anger in China

BEIJING – A friend of mine passed this along this morning: In the morning, I logged in to MSN as usual. More than 10 friends of mine sent me this “bad news” and wanted me spread it to as many people as possible: 广东惠州三中领导捐款秀.先用摄象机拍摄了领导捐钱的画面,最后又把钱全部拿出来.甚至给每个学生发点钱叫他们去捐录影,录影完后领导又去把钱拿出来.大家多转发.好把这种人渣败类领导给找出来处罚.弄虚做假.误人子女.师德败坏.看见的请多多转发,依靠网络监督这种有损公共道德的做假行为!本校学生偷拍 The... read more »


As the death toll rises, how you can help

SHANGHAI – Our writers have not focused much on the unfolding disaster in Sichuan province, largely because TV crews, journalists, Twitterati, bloggers, and others are now either on the ground or already doing excellent coverage. But... read more »


It gets worse: CCTV International brings new lows in top priorities

By Hugh Jorgen BEIJING – The death toll soars past 12,000 as rescuers scramble to pull victims from the aftermath of the earthquake in China. It is human misery and destruction on a massive scale. The world’s media has focused on... read more »


Hu comes first; leaders lead on CCTV “News”

By Hugh Jorgen I’m always amused to watch the responses of recently-arrived foreigners in China when the subject of CCTV International comes up. For those of you not familiar with it, CCTV International (CCTV 9) is the state-run English-language... read more »


China a “teenager” on the world stage? An analysis from Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy magazine is out with an essay called “The Right Way to Pressure Beijing” by William F. Schultz, who is a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. It’s a sober analysis of China’s current role... read more »


RE-UPDATED: 7.8 magnitude quake hits Sichuan, felt across China

BEIJING – An earthquake struck Wenchuan in the eastern part of Sichuan province this afternoon, hitting 7.6 on the Richter scale. This report indicates it registered as a 3.9 quake as far away as Beijing. The Guardian picks it up from... read more »


China’s new rich relish wretched excess

I wish I came up with that column title myself, but alas, it was one of the creative editors at the Times Colonist. This week’s column takes a look at the explosive growth of China’s luxury goods industry: Aside from fashion shows,... read more »


Report: Drunken foreigners beat a Chinese man in Shenzhen

BEIJING – QQ News is reporting that two foreigners beat a Chinese man in Shenzhen who asked them not to urinate in public on the evening of May 7. The website says the two men relieved themselves in the middle of Shangbu and Sugang roads... read more »


Water sniffers, dogs, and x-ray machines: the future on the Beijing subway system

BEIJING – As if going through airport security isn’t enough (although it seems much easier in China than it does in the still panicky United States), now Beijing’s subway security will be stepped up prior to the Olympic Games... read more »