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Hong Kong

Just so we get this clear…

The torch relay has been a disaster, no matter which way one looks at it. Historians will not connect the 2008 Olympic torch relay to such ideals as peace, harmony, or “one world, one dream”. It will be remembered for protesters... read more »


Enough is enough, Hong Kong!

OK…it’s time to let this go people! I have, for basically the last couple of weeks, been hearing and reading way too much about Edison Chen’s foray into the wild side. I’m no prude…but I’m not quite at the... read more »


We didn’t want to… really! But here is ZNH’s Edison Chen post

The Edison Chen scandal is everywhere. It’s been front-page news in Hong Kong for weeks now, and there is certainly no dearth of information on the internet. Zhongnanhai was going to stay out of the mess, but then we stumbled upon Imagethief’s... read more »


The Kitty Hawk Saga: China takes a deliberate swipe at US naval supremacy

If you get a chance on this Saturday afternoon, please head to China Matters to read this post on the on-going saga surrounding China’s decision to deny the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk port in Hong Kong during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. China... read more »


A lonely Thanksgiving at sea, courtesy of the Communist Party

China flexed its muscle this week, and reminded everyone who really controls Hong Kong, when it denied the USS Kitty Hawk from stopping there for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The top U.S. military commander in the Pacific said he’s “perplexed... read more »