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If you get a chance on this Saturday afternoon, please head to China Matters to read this post on the on-going saga surrounding China’s decision to deny the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk port in Hong Kong during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.
China Matters argues that China has taken the first step to exert its authority over Asian waters, and George W. Bush has done nothing but meekly go along with this new reality:

The Chinese clearly wanted to make a point with the Kitty Hawk–and make it publicly.

And to have the Bush administration flinch–and trout out a lame, concocted excuse that the Chinese briskly and completely rebutted–makes it looks like the truth about what’s going on in the west Pacific is something that the PRC is ready to deal with, but the U.S. is unwilling to confront.

This is a must-read for anybody following the Kitty Hawk story.
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  1. Trevor Metz says:

    I don’t think its fair to say the United States or George Bush is being meek by not over-reacting to this issue. Are the Chinese really flexing their muscles and the U.S. just taking it? I think that this is just posturing. The U.S. met with the Dali Lama and they just released that report on the state of affairs with China that was less than flattering. If China was really flexing its military muscle wouldn’t it make more of a statement than denying a carrier leave in its harbour in HK? I mean, why not something more overt like surrounding the carrier with subs or fly bys from its air force? I think the U.S. is smart not to get worked up over the snub… and that’s what it was, a snub. Big deal. British Columbia denied the U.S. access to its submarine torpedo range for a short time and they didn’t need to prove anything to us. If the United States wanted to start a arms race with China it would, and the United States would win. China may be a rising power but the U.S. is still the big boy on the block and is not afraid of China yet.

  2. Janus says:

    this is retarded. so what was the US supposed to do? Bomb its way into Hong Kong’s harbor? Talk about setting up a strategic strawman. If China says the US can’t go into HK, that’s fine. The US can still damn well go anywhere else it wants in the Pacific.