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OK…it’s time to let this go people! I have, for basically the last couple of weeks, been hearing and reading way too much about Edison Chen’s foray into the wild side. I’m no prude…but I’m not quite at the point in my life where I’m ready to break out the 8mm and bust out a Pam and Tommy Lee. But that said, I think the hype about this kid’s sex life is getting to the extreme. Prime example is this weekend in Hong Kong. Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei, one of the women apparently in his videos (I say apparently, because A) I have no idea who the hell she is and B) even if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to pick her out in the pictures anyway, unless I was intimate with her particular shaving practices, or lack thereof) was drilled in the head with a bottle at a charity event this weekend in Hong Kong. A charity event! I know that the Chinese people hold a different standard when it comes to sex, particularly in the public arena. Certian things in this culture remain a lot more taboo than they would in the West. But seriously, assaulting a young woman because she allowed herself to get her mojo flowin’ in front of a camera??? I know we maintain different standards, but — unless you’re a terrorist or other form of extremest — humanity holds a pretty good standard when it comes to unleashing physical violence. Hate this woman if you want, (which I think too is completely absurd) but don’t fling objects at these people because they had sex. I would love to talk to the alleged assailant (described only in the SCMP as a 27 year old Mr. Lin) and find out if he has ever had non-missionary style sex. If so, according to the strictest of the strict Catholics, he’s engaging in a moral sin, and should be punished. (And the hard-core Catholics know how to dole out a good lashing!)
Those who know me know that I’m no fan of anything star-esque. I find the narcissim of the people repugnant. But I find the whole idea of star worship by the average person even more disturbing. Anyone who has enough time on their hands to care, in depth, about the coming’s and going’s of the Lindsay Lohans, Brittany Spears or Edison Chens of the world is someone who really, really doesn’t have a grasp on where their priorities should be. And quite frankly, I thought the people of Hong Kong were better than that!



  1. Zypper says:

    You have come far grasshopper.

  2. Paul says:

    Thank you master! Ah the days of old where the only thoughts we possessed were how to gang up on Rock to eliminate him in Risk! ha!

  3. Zypper says:

    Though it seemed important, it took little of our grey matter to accomplish said goal. I wonder what has come of Monseur Nadeau….