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In between the site being up and down in a kind of ongoing ping-pong game – I managed to grab a screen grab. And here it is.
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It may seem an obscure point to ‘attack’ – but one thing is for sure, it’s certainly drawing attention.





  1. magicmatt says:

    So, help me understand: they hacked a site that had a link to CNN? They put “Fuck CNN!” for the page title, even though it was a sports site that isn’t CNN’s. I’m…errrr…impressed.
    To be fair, I don’t think I could hack into a site and put, let’s say, “You Hurt My Feelings, Sina!” as the title. But then again, would I want to? I might specifically target Sina if I did, rather than askmen.com or something equally distant. Just a suggestion.
    I’ve 5 whole jiao for anyone out there that can hack a knitting site and put up text ridiculing Guy Debord. Extra points if you mention Society of the Spectacle with clever use of balls of yarn and kittens.

  2. IC says:

    You might not agree with these American communists ideology. But their analysis on Tibet issue is right on the target.
    Mao liberated most Tibetan slaves and created communist equality which was every body equaly poor but happy. Equality among all ethnic groups. Most Tibetans are on Mao communist side, even help PLA to fight off Dalai Lama and Indian.
    Today Chinese leaders economical capitalism leads to rich and poor gaps among Hans themself. Ethnic minority like Tibetans lags behind Hans. Unequal results lead to resentment as `world on fire’ book indicated. Resentment leads to swing of loyalty to Dalai Lama. Now trouble.
    The ethnic group with better economical standing in today’s China has less trouble, like ethnic Korean.
    It is human nature to blame others for their own poverty and misfortune. German’s resentment on Jews. Blacks resentment on white. Southeast Asian resentment on ethnic Chinese minority. go on and on.

  3. Pierre says:

    Now I see why the Great Fire Wall of China is such a great idea. It protects the Chinese feeling being hurt.