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Ahh… I’ve finally entered the world of real, live bloggers.  I must say, there are a lot of excellent blogs about China out there, so why do we need another?  I mean, for history, Jottings from the Granite Studio is second to none.  China Law Blog has excellent legal and business information.  Imagethief is one of the top "thinking" blogs that I make a point of checking daily.

This blog aims to be a bit of those blogs, with a heavy media and political bent.  I am a Canadian, and my background is in journalism.  I served for nearly four years a legislative reporter for News1130, Vancouver’s top all-news radio station.  I came to China in 2004 in search of adventure and a better resume, after being holed up in a government PR job for 18 months (a job which, after witnessing the mayhem and chaos in China, was quite good).

I’ve done a lot since moving here, like so many others have.  From judging drama competitions to clinking beer glasses with the Chief of the Beijing Public Security Bureau (ganbei!), the last 2.5 years have flown by so fast I can hardly make sense of it all.  

It began as a radio host with CRI, then an editor at CCTV 9, then a radio host at Beijing Radio, then a few months of Putonghua study at Tsinghua University, then an Executive Editor and host gig with Guangzhou’s English Channel, then the Senior Consultant of Jongo News in Shanghai.  Somewhere in there I managed to get a few articles published in the International Herald Tribune and the Washington Times, although it took a lot of bashing my head against the wall to get it done.  Those are my credentials, and that is my background in this fascinating country.

My main interest is politics, whether provincial, Canadian, American, or especially Chinese.  Like many bloggers and readers in China, I’ve read several books on China, and I hope to discuss them in this space. As many of us in the journalism community like to say, the lead-up to the Olympics should be rich with stories and conflict.  This is fertile land for a journalist.

The plan now, after being ruthlessly relieved of my duties at Jongo.com, along with 60 other diligent and talented staff, will be to return to Beijing and focus on Mandarin study.  (Yes, after luring me from Guangzhou, breaking my work contract, my apartment lease, and moving to Shanghai, the company lasted little more than two months.) But in between, I’ll be contributing to newspapers and posting articles and thoughts here.

Why does China need yet another blog? Perhaps it doesn’t.  But I’ll do my best to earn my little corner of China’s vast blogosphere. 

I hope you come back.




  1. The Murman says:

    Well done site Cam. Still lots left to do in China yet. Keep up the good work.

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere and thank you for putting us in such elite company. There is certainly always room for good writing and unique opinions on China and I am looking forward to reading your new blog.
    I suggest you check out ChinaRedux blog. Very good blog on China politics.
    Good luck, and enjoy!

  3. Administrator says:

    Thanks Dan… I appreciate you checking it out. And I’ll definitely pop by ChinaRedux. Cheers!

  4. Brian Walsh says:

    Congratulations Cam. Your path has been, and still is, an adventure. After spending five years in China myself (Canadian Airlines) I have some idea of your experiences. Stay well.

  5. Sharon says:

    Keep talking Cam. Others are listening.

  6. Eric Pye says:

    Well done Cam. It’s been a long time since cold ones at the PI. It will be nice to see commentary on China without the “Colour” given by governments….on both sides!