The book Unhappy China - The Great Time, Grand Vision and Our Challenges has been put on the shelves of Beijing bookstores. The book is authored by Song Xiaojun, Wang Xiaodong, Song Qiang, Huangjisong, and Liu Yang.

Unhappy China contains severe criticism of western countries, with the harshest words reserved for the United States. Zhang Xiaobo, who helped plan the book, said, “This is the revised and upgraded version of the book China Can Say No published in 1996. In the past 12 years, the situation inside and outside of China has changed dramatically, however, there is just one thing that hasn’t changed and never will change: that is we Chinese need to tell the western world we are not happy about what they did to us.”

One of the authors of this book, Song Qing, was also one of the authors of China Can Say No.

Unhappy China has 340 thousand words, and is published by Jiang Su Renmin Publishing House. Zhang Xiaopo said, “What happened to us Chinese in 2008 made Chinese people really angry, depressed and annoyed. We finally had our Olympics and we finally made it to the center of the world stage, but look what we got! Boycotts from the western world; treated by them like we are different kind of animal in the world.”

Song Xiaojun, who is also a millitary expert, told the reporter yesterday, “We (authors) are familiar with each other, we used to gather together to discuss these interesting topics. It was last October 3 when we talked about this phonmeon, then we talked about it again the other day with some publishers. The publisher told us our three days of talks could be summarized in a book. So we did it.”

In response to criticism that the content of this book holds extreme anti-western views, Zhang Xiaopo said, “The authors don't think their views are extreme. The content and opinions were developed after a long time of careful thought. The series of incidents that happened last year made many hot-blooded young Chinese post their opinions on the Internet. But all they got for it was criticism from the so called elites who have a say in society.”
Zhang also said he has prepared himself for potential criticism. "I think we need different opinions in the society, we need to think and debate, and society should embody all kinds of different opinions and thoughts.”
In the book, you can see headlines like “Unveil the Curtain of the Western World”, “We Chinese Made the Westerners Self Rightous”, “Why Don't You Americans Lower Your Living Standards?” , “ We Can Not Allow Americans to Kidnap the World”, “The Sino-French Relationship Should Not be Important”, and “ Sarkozy Meets the Dalai, an Old Game”.

This is a translation from the Oriental Morning Post.